Dear Pastor Heather and Friends at Williamsville UMC,
As we turned off the lights at Angel Headquarters for the last time this season, I found myself reflecting on all of the magical moments that occurred in that space. That small storefront was transformed into Santa’s Workshop, with the hustle and bustle of toys and gifts moving about in every nook and cranny.
Seeing the gifts come in was truly heartwarming. The careful consideration for choosing the right item and the kindness that was involved in each gift was clear to see. Seeing them leave was even more joyous, because behind each gift that left Angel Headquarters was a child’s face smiling. Each gift was more than a doll or a ball, every gift you donated represents hope, and has given happiness to those in our care that will last throughout the holiday sea-son and into the New Year.
We are so grateful for the happiness you have brought to our families. This year, over 900 angels were adopted across Gateway’s educational, residential, and community services received gifts to make their holiday brighter. You are responsible for making holiday miracles happen for so many children and families this year, and we cannot thank you enough for your selfless act of kindness this holiday season.
Wishing you all a joyful holiday and a Happy New Year!
Sincerely ~ Dani