Almost four years have passed since the WUMC Photo Directory was last published and it is startling to show how much has changed in that short time. People have come and gone, passed away and been born and much more, so it is time for an update.

I don’t plan to take new photographs of everyone as I think we all look pretty much the same as we did in 2014 but I would like to take your picture if you are new in church, were not photographed in 2014, perhaps a family member has passed away or been born.

I do plan to update the biographies for each person and family as what people wrote about themselves often focused on current events in 2014 and you may wish to update that information. I will provide everyone with a copy of their entry in the current Directory and ask you for an update…the only rule will be that the new text can’t be longer than your current write-up.

The target will be to have an updated Photo Directory ready to distribute on Rally Day in September.

Please keep an eye out for announcements in the Messenger and in church regarding scheduled times for photos and biography updates. If you have immediate comments or questions please call or email – Ed Howard, 639-0087 /