Happy New Year

Friends, as you enjoy New Year’s Eve and reflect on the year that has past, do so with gratitude toward God. May you find memories and moments of joy, laughter and love even in the midst of sorrow, changes, or sadness.
– Pastor Heather

Advent Season

On Sunday, Dec. 24th, there will be 4 opportunities for Christmas Eve worship:

10 a.m. – Service of Communion and Light: Pastor Heather and Barbara Saltarella will lead this morning worship along with the Chancel Choir.

5 p.m. – Contemporary Family Service with Youth & Children’s drama.

8 p.m. – Stille Nacht Concert.

**9 – 10 p.m. – Christmas Eve Reception (parlor) – please plan to come say hello to those who have traveled home for the holiday’s! 10 p.m. – Traditional Candlelight Service Festival of Lessons and Carols; Chancel Choir & Orchestra. ~ Pastor Heather

Gifts of Gratitude: Our Treasure

Brothers and Sisters,

As we continue in our discussion of Gifts of Gratitude: Our Treasure, have you considered where your treasure lies? What did Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:19-21 mean to you? In the week ahead, consider a “house divided.” What does it mean to you to say “Jesus is my Lord?” How are you experiencing gratitude in all aspects of your life?

~ Pastor Heather

A Letter from Pastor Heather

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Over the past few days and weeks we have seen violent acts of hatred throughout our country and around the world. These acts are unfortunately becoming more and more frequent in today’s world. I join Bishop Webb in identifying these acts of violence and hatred as a spiritual problem in our country and perhaps greater world.
As believers in Christ, we need to speak up against injustices and racial hatred. We need to pray for those who are victims and for those who are acting out in violent ways. We need to pray that we can each be vessels of reconciliation and peace in every aspect and area of our individual lives, in our homes, and in our own community.
These are uncertain times. But I am reminded that “in the face of uncertainty, there is nothing wrong with hope.” Our hope is in Jesus Christ who has conquered sin and death. May it be so for us as we walk with Christ and one another in the days ahead.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Heather

Children’s Time

As I reflect on two  recent Sunday Children’s moments, I’m reminded of the value of listening. Really listening. Hearing each other honestly, without judgement….being truthful in love. Let’s try and listen to each other as we create the much needed space for God’s presence among us. ~ Pastor Heather