Beating the Holiday Blues

Friends, once again the holidays are upon us. This means it’s time for parties, shopping for just the “right” gift, extra cooking and baking, family gatherings, setting up the Christmas tree, and decorating the house. For some of us who are experiencing grief, sadness and loneliness only compound these feelings.
Some stresses that can lead to holiday blues are unavoidable, but you can minimize their impact if you:
• Talk to others about a recent loss and ask for support.
• Take time to participate in activities that you find relaxing and enjoyable.
• Create a new holiday tradition that will allow you to enjoy yourself and take your mind off the past.
• Accept your feelings. There is nothing wrong with not feeling jolly.
• Get in touch with your spiritual side by attending church, praying or meditating, or participating in whatever activities enrich your soul.
• Know, that Holiday Blues are only temporary but if they linger please make sure to see a professional.
May you find peace this Holiday Season with the coming of the “Babe
in Bethlehem”.