A Letter from Pastor Heather

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Over the past few days and weeks we have seen violent acts of hatred throughout our country and around the world. These acts are unfortunately becoming more and more frequent in today’s world. I join Bishop Webb in identifying these acts of violence and hatred as a spiritual problem in our country and perhaps greater world.
As believers in Christ, we need to speak up against injustices and racial hatred. We need to pray for those who are victims and for those who are acting out in violent ways. We need to pray that we can each be vessels of reconciliation and peace in every aspect and area of our individual lives, in our homes, and in our own community.
These are uncertain times. But I am reminded that “in the face of uncertainty, there is nothing wrong with hope.” Our hope is in Jesus Christ who has conquered sin and death. May it be so for us as we walk with Christ and one another in the days ahead.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Heather


Join us for Tangents, which is the adult “current issues” discussion group and each week we consider the news of the day with a United Methodist perspective. The Tangents group covers the entire range of perspectives from Tucker Carlson to Rachel Madow, from Donald Trump to Bernie Sanders, from the Amherst Bee to Artvoice. What makes our discussions worthwhile is (1) everyone is well informed and up to date on the news (2) we bring a variety of in-sights and experiences to learn from each other and (3) in spite of a wide latitude of viewpoints we have calm, dignified conversations, unlike most cable TV news programs. As the pot of daily events boils there is something new to talk about every week…come share your insights, ideas and 2 cents worth in Tangents beginning Sunday September 16th at 9:50 in the Parlor.

Meal Ministry

Do you love to cook? Are you willing to help families from your church? We are anxious to “restart” our Meal Ministry and are looking for volunteers to occasionally cook and deliver a meal to any of our church families that may be in need of some temporary help with meal preparation. Please call the church office or email Brenda at wumc@williamsvilleumc.org. There is also a sign-up sheet in the Narthex. We will call on our volunteers as needed.

Bakers Needed

Do you love to bake? Are you willing to help families from your church? We are looking for volunteers to spend some time in our church kitchen to bake cookies. The cookies will be stored in our church freezer to be used for bereavement meals. Please call the church office or email Brenda at wumc@williamsvilleumc.org. There is also a sign-up sheet in the Narthex. We will contact you when we have a “baking need”.

The Greater

At Annual Conference we were encouraged to have Courageous Conversations surrounding the current social issues facing our larger denomination. Round Table Discussions are needed. Are you interested in participating? Please email Pastor Heather to find a mutual time and day to begin these discussions.

Being Missional……………

Throughout the remaining weeks in August and through September 17th, we are collecting school supplies for the Niagara Frontier City Ministries (NFCM) churches. This includes Seneca Street UMC. Items may be dropped off at the display at the Oakgrove entrance.
List of Items Needed

Pens Pencils Lined Paper
Folders Highlighters Crayons
Markers Glue Rulers
Protractors Lunch Boxes Backpacks
Notebooks – Spiral and Composition

Building Campaign Update

Building Campaign Update

Progress continues on paying down the bank line of credit. The outstanding loan is now $6,825. Just a reminder that any donations made before the end of June will reduce the amount we need to borrow from the permanent endowment to pay off the loan by the end of the month.
Thanks again to all that have supported the effort to “close the gap” and advance thanks to all who intend to participate in this effort. We are well on our way to meeting our goal!

M & M Update

This coming Sunday, December 31st will be the last 5th Sunday of the year so I urge everyone to bring their loose change for the M&M container to support our Shared Ministry efforts. After the service the coins will be counted, if you are so inclined, drop by the office and help with the sorting and wrapping!

Church Directory

There are copies of the church directory on the information table in the Narthex. This directory is from the church information system. There is a form attached that allows for updates. Please take a copy. If the information listed is not correct, fill out the form and drop off at the church office. Feel free to email any changes to wumc@williamsvilleumc.org. Call Brenda, 634-4800, if you have any questions.