So they say that people need to drink half of their body weight in ounces of water to stay hydrated and healthy. But plants are all over the map when it comes to how much and when we should water them.  Websites suggest anywhere from ½ inch per week to no additional water needed except for rain.  Hmmm……that is quite a range!  It’s great to know that some plants obviously can handle a little less TLC while others are high maintenance.  I think that’s true of people too.  There may be a formula for how many ounces of water we need, but in reality, we are all different.

Our spirituality differs as well. Some of us attend church without fail week in and week out, some of us a well grounded in spiritual disciplines.  Others get here when they can while they care for loved ones, family, or volunteer commitments. But I do hear folks say that when they miss a week of church (or time for renewal) it just “doesn’t feel right.  Something was missing.  I really need this time to make the week right.”

Our spiritual life, the body of Christ we are surrounded with in church, is like the water that plants need to grow and mature. Coming together helps to nurture what has been planted.

Last week we heard from Jeremiah (17:8) in the Old Testament….about being like a tree planted by water. This tree does not fear the heat- instead it flourishes and bear fruit without worry.  We likened the tree to ourselves, with God through Jesus planted at the center of our being.  How has it felt this week to have God at the center.  Did anyone notice anything by placing God first?  PAUSE FOR RESPONSE.

This is quite the week to be talking about watering…as I write this, it’s been days, weeks actually since we’ve had a real rain. I’ve had to water, water, and water again as things in my garden droop. I even find myself using unlikely water- a few stray ice cubes, the bottoms of sippy cups, or Luke’s water table to perk up the peppers and tomatoes.

Just like these plants find themselves in need of hydration, we too need water for our souls. We need the spiritual renewal- the strength, the nutrients, the refreshment of God’s watering can to keep us spiritually healthy.

What are some ways in which we can maintain this kind of health? What is one way that you can seek water for your soul this week?  What does it look like to actually do that?

In our hymn today, I heard “while the dew is still on the roses.” And I’m reminded of a time in my life when I wasn’t afraid to take my shoes and socks off and tiptoe through dewy grass either late at night or very early in the morning.  Perhaps some of this soul searching time- this time of nourishment- needs to happen in the quiet of night or early morning when the world may be sleeping but God is ever present with us.  Sometimes the unexpected spiritual nourishment is what is most needed.

When we receive an abundance of water or spiritual care- we are able then to help others to be refreshed and renewed with God’s presence. When we are overflowing with this refreshment we are like vessels that are full to the brim and what we are able to share flows from us.

This week, let’s be refreshed and watered by God’s presence so that all of us can spill out and share that with those around us. May it be so for you and me this day.