Thank You Ethan!!

Did you notice how wonderfully groomed and manicured the areas around the parking lot looked? Take a moment to walk the grounds.  Ethan Stierheim worked several days to weed, lay landscape fabric and spread mulch.  When you see Ethan, let him know what a great job he did.  THANK YOU!


“Before we can give, we must possess, and before we possess we must receive. Therefore, stewardship is, in the first place, receiving God’s good and bounteous gifts.  Once received, those gifts are not to be used soley for our own good.  They must also be used for the benefit of others, and ultimately for the glory of God, the giver.  The steward needs an open hand to receive from God and then an active hand to give to God and others.”

— Murray Harris

Thank You!

Throughout the year and even in these summer months, Michael and Mina Rhode, Ed Howard, and Pastor Gregg are preparing for the teaching moments during the Christian Education hour each Sunday. A great BIG thank you to all of you for your time and energy.  We appreciate all you do!

In addition, we cannot thank Judy and Wendy enough for all the wonderful music and worship preparation for this past year. Thank you for all your patience, time, and co-operation this past year!


Flower Sale Successful – Thank You!

Flower sale proceeds netted over $1,000 to support the ministry and missions of WUMC. Thanks to both those who purchased flowers and those who made a donation to the church flower beds.  Also, a big thank you goes to Rosemary Elliott and Nancy Cimbal for taking the lead and coordinating this event.  Well done WUMC!


LAITY OF THE YEAR – Rosemary Elliott

It was a great honor to present Rosemary Elliott as WUMC’s Laity of the Year at the Niagara Frontier District Laity Banquet on May 20th. Rosemary has shared her gifts in ministry to the United Methodist church for over 50 years!  Over the years, Rosemary has volunteered her time and talents in many, many ways.  She and her late husband have painted and cleaned at Camp Asbury, served as a lay member to annual conference, been an advocate for Seneca Street UMC, and has been a vital part of several district, conference, and local church finance teams.  Most recently, we honor Rosemary for her years as treasurer here at WUMC.  We are grateful for all that she has done and will continue to do as she arranges for counters and continues on the finance team.