Pastors Heather and Gregg To Preach A New Series – Storm Stories

Ever have a bad day?  Know someone that has received a disheartening diagnosis?  Have you suffered a loss?  These and many other incidents disturb the calm in our lives.  From January 14 to February 11 we will be looking at “Storm Stories” in the Bible during worship.  How did people respond?  Where was God during it all?  Join us for these relevant messages as we learn from the “Storm Stories” of God’s people!

2018 Giving Envelopes

If you requested giving envelopes for 2018, they are located in the Narthex. If you do not see your name and would like envelopes, please put your name on the list. The envelopes will be available for pick up prior to the beginning of the new year. If you have any questions, call Brenda at 634-4800.

Trustees News

Our former cleaning and maintenance contract with ALG Services has come to an end. We are grateful to Keith for his services. Thank you to the trustees and the Staff Parish Relations Committee for the work of interviewing and reviewing bids for services around the church grounds as we move forward.

If you spot great work, have a suggestion, or need help with a church project, please contact Pastor Heather or a trustee. These contractors have a list of required work and can only take on additional work with the approval of the trustees and the pastors. We look forward to hearing from you!

What is the Rainbow Bridge?

For many people, pets are beloved members of the family. Unfortunately, pets do not live as long as humans and all pet lovers will lose their cherished friend. An anonymous author penned the poem “Rainbow Bridge” to help with the grief process. Members of this congregation have recently lost their companions through death. We hope this poem will bring solace and hope.

Wesley’s Place – Tony Walker Companies

Hey Everyone,

If you do any holiday shopping at any of the Tony Walker family of companies, please consider supporting Wesley’s Place by shopping there!  Use the below link to purchase any of their products online and all of the retail profits from your purchase will be donated to Wesley’s Place!  You have to use the below link for this to work.  Feel free to share it as you find appropriate, it’s a great fundraiser and works year round.


Gifts of Gratitude: Our Treasure

Brothers and Sisters,

As we continue in our discussion of Gifts of Gratitude: Our Treasure, have you considered where your treasure lies? What did Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 6:19-21 mean to you? In the week ahead, consider a “house divided.” What does it mean to you to say “Jesus is my Lord?” How are you experiencing gratitude in all aspects of your life?

~ Pastor Heather

A Note of Thanks From Judy and Wendy

Judy and Wendy would like to acknowledge and thank two retiring members of our Music Program: Shirley Giesler and Rosemary Elliott. Both of these ladies have enhanced our music with their gifts, and been a blessing in our lives. Shirley has been a valued alto in the Chancel Choir. Rosemary has rung in the Memorial Handbell Choir for many years. We all sincerely appreciate the gifts of their time and talents. THANK YOU SHIRLEY and ROSEMARY!!