We are committed to nurturing Christian education and fellowship in our children, youth, and adults. Christian education is a lifelong process of learning, believing, and implementing lessons from Scripture into our lives. We offer Christian education opportunities beginning at age 3 through adulthood.

We offer three weekly opportunities for Christian Education:

  • Weekly Bible Study with Pastor Gregg- via ZOOM  Contact him to join the class!  pastorgreggumc@gmail.com
  • Tangents- Current Events Class led by Ed Howard via email                    Contact him to join the thread  tangentsatwumc@gmail.com
  • Youth Confirmation Program hstierheim@gmail.com 

Sunday School Registration Form

To register your child or youth to participate in a Christian Edu class at WUMC, please complete the Registration Form which is available as a downloadable PDF file. Return the completed form to wumc@williamsvilleumc.org