Kids Corner

Hey there!  At WUMC Kids of all ages are always welcome and encouraged to join us in worship.  Sometimes we need a little help to do that. 

Have you tried…

  • A place to sit or rock with a parent or adult during worship just at the back of the sanctuary in the parlor?  
  • Clapping along with the music that is being played or sung?
  • Bringing a small, quiet toy for your child to hold? 
  • Under the current COVID guidelines, our crib room is unavailable.  Usually, it’s a separate play space for our youngest worshipers and is staffed with two excellent caregivers!  Amanda is our lead staff member who has more than 20+ years in childcare


“Before we can give, we must possess, and before we possess we must receive. Therefore, stewardship is, in the first place, receiving God’s good and bounteous gifts.  Once received, those gifts are not to be used soley for our own good.  They must also be used for the benefit of others, and ultimately for the glory of God, the giver.  The steward needs an open hand to receive from God and then an active hand to give to God and others.”

— Murray Harris